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Episodes currently under development include but are not limited to:
Meanwhile – looking at what James Marr, Miriam Lester, Joseph Stenhouse, the Discovery Institute, James Wordie, Duncan Carse, Gino Watkins, the British Home Office were up to while all the Byrd and Wilkins action took place in the south, and tracking the effects of the Great Depression on some nations with Antarctic influence or ambitions.
BANZARE – Mawson’s back, and this time it’s political.
Riiser Larsen – Competent Norwegian’s gonna Norwegian competently.
Little America Two – Now with bonus Advance Base. One official Numbnut in every box.
Ellsworth and Wilkins – The episode you’ve all been waiting for while I’ve been waiting for Jeff Maynard’s book to come out so I can plagia… cite it extensively.
BGLE – The Brits storm it in with dogs and planes and competence and very little money.
Little America Three – Byrd’s back, and this time it’s farcical.
Dorniers and catapults – National Socialism heads south to do the ground work for conspiracy theories sixty years in the future.
Tabarin – Dancing girls and French cuisine are two of the things this operation lacked but they had snow and Spam in spades.


Sly grogging among a large company of over winterers makes Byrd’s winter on The Barrier a very different experience to that of previous expeditions.

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Monogram PA15-98 TrimotorByrd
The Floyd Bennet, immortalised in styrene


A look at practical, political and ecological developments arising as the whaling fleet, largely comprising Norwegian vessels and crews, set about the business of ridding the Southern Ocean of those pesky cetaceans.

I’m none too fond of the booze culture of my home nation, the other nations I’ve lived, and Antarctic bases, but Nicholas Johnson’s legacy warrants light, so I recorded one of the articles missing from the resurrected Big Dead Place website for inclusion in this episode.Whale_112.jpg
For hat’s sake I blow a rasberry at thee.