Monthly Archives: April 2017


What’s this?
Three episodes in quick succession?
Blame the hosting service download counter. I’m now obsessed with topping last month’s total downloads. This was easy when I only had two and a dog listening but now I have to release more episodes to scratch that itch. Expect shorter and shorter episodes until I’m editing single words and releasing them.

Anyhoo, this one explains some clothing terms and concepts which warranted more attention than I was giving them.

You don’t have to keep dressing like a tool when you come home from the ice, but some of us never missed a beat dressing like a tool when heading there.  Antarctica was like finding my place on the fashion map.


Episode 042 comes out ahead of schedule.
Two episodes in less than a week?
Treat yourself. Listen to both at once.

What came my way in two years for no effort took fifty years, a long time living poor paying off expedition debts and his death to fall into Nobu Shirase’s lap.