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Little Antarctic exploration occurred in the decades immediately after the French, American and British race south that rounded out the 1830s.
American, German, British, Scottish and Norwegian visitors did turn up looking for whales and in the course of the invention of oceanography.
This episode takes the series up to the 1890s and sets the scene for the voyage that would kick off the Heroic Age of antarctic exploration in all its capitalised glory.

The sort of spacious and well appointed lab marine scientists dream of.

Fig 17 – The Dredging and Sounding Arrangements on board the ‘Challenger.’

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With many Arctic winters and more Arctic summers under their belts, Ross and Crozier got a lot done and brought their crews home safely.  Gongs all round.
The HMS Erebus and HMS Terror prove their bona fides as ice work vessels and, for their troubles, get fitted out with shiny, new-fangled steam engines and sailed north with John Franklin’s famously disastrous attempt to find the Northwest Passage.James_Clark_Ross
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