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Dogs make all the difference in getting to the South Pole and back.  With Amundsen’s triumph, no-one would ever bother going to the Pole agai…
Why are people still heading overland to the pole?
Have they not heard of aircraft?
Do they not heed the reports that the pole is cold and that the view is boring?
Turns out being first at the pole was only the first in a long string of polar firsts to follow in the next century, and I’m expecting a pogo-stick based expedition to be announced at any second.

Have an episode.

Bjaaland’s photograph of his colleagues at Polheim.


What’s this?
Three episodes in quick succession?
Blame the hosting service download counter. I’m now obsessed with topping last month’s total downloads. This was easy when I only had two and a dog listening but now I have to release more episodes to scratch that itch. Expect shorter and shorter episodes until I’m editing single words and releasing them.

Anyhoo, this one explains some clothing terms and concepts which warranted more attention than I was giving them.

You don’t have to keep dressing like a tool when you come home from the ice, but some of us never missed a beat dressing like a tool when heading there.  Antarctica was like finding my place on the fashion map.


Struggling to fit the content to the bandwidth, several of my best jokes about hemorrhoids ended up on the cutting room floor, but it was worth it to get episode 041 squared away before March came to an end and the host service robbed me of my remaining bytes.
Ahhhhhh. Sweet, sweet content soothes the podcaster’s shakes.

Now doesn’t that just look…