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Nouns - Australian, marine ecologist, caffeine fiend, musician, surfer, diver, atheist, photographer, busker. Adjectives - passionate, energetic, moody. Conjunctions - and, but, or.


The British Graham Land Expedition comes to a close but it’s not the last we’ll hear of its members or the repercussions of the work they carried out.
Hampton packs up his hangar, Rymill hangs up his exploring boots, and I hang out with my son.
Episode 098 available here.

Solve for D

Greg Egan’s website.

Robin’s blog.

My son’s top ten images from his travels.
I think it says something about him and about Antarctica that my request for a top ten returned eleven images.
Cheeky fuck.
Certainly didn’t get that trait from me.



The British Graham Land Expedition near the end of their second year in Antarctica. Much flying, sledging, surveying and the first crossing of Graham Land.

Episode 097 available here.

How much do I want to be part of this expedition when I finally get the time machine operational?
A lot.
Look at them go.


What is it about South Australia that generates Australia’s Antarctic leaders?

John Rymill picks up where Gino Watkins’ death left off and leads the most efficient Antarctic expedition to date.
Lots of new discoveries, competent seamanship, sledging and flying ensue.
The BGLE set the mold for safe and competent operations in the high southern latitudes.

My recounting of the first historical expedition I will put my hand up to join when I finally get my time machine up and running can be found here.

The Fox Moth afloat off Cape Tuxen with the scow in attendance.

Finally throwing the Patreon switch

My relationship with Patreon is patchy but after recent events I re-vamped the Patreon page for Ice Coffee and am ready to finally start using it to fund my reading and hosting for the series.
If you would like to support Ice Coffee financially you can go to and pledge as little as a dollar an episode.  Patrons receive access to my image libraries and can do with the images as they see fit.

New episode about John Rymill and the British Graham Land Expedition is in the editing software and slated for publication next week.



I’ve traveled with Santiago for three austral summers and his humour and humanity have buoyed my moods while his perspectives on the birds we encountered opened my eyes to biological vistas I’d previously not spotted due to my focus on the mud.
I only just met John Marsden ten minutes before pressing record but his tales of high latitudes aviation warrant further attention than the ten minutes afforded at Seaworks.
I hope to spend a lot more time in company with these people in the future but until then here’s a sonic record of our encounters.



Lincoln Ellsworth’s money returns to Antarctica with new pilots, no meteorologist and Norwegians all but ready to throttle him.
Job’s a good ‘un, though, in spite of the lack of oomph, patience and skill the money bags brought with him.

Herbert Hollick-Kenyon nails one of the best put downs in Antarctic history while puffing on his pipe, munching on boiled sweets and reading westerns.

Lots of penguins, seals and Swedes in the aural background.

Episode 094 available here.

Still holding off on throwing the switch on the Patreon account as there’s one more episode in the offing, this month.
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Ellsworth’s money gets it into its head to be the first to cross Antarctica.
Wilkins, Balchen, Braathen and another polar pig get tangled up in his weak sauce Ahab routine.

Soundscapes featuring Port Circumcision and the waters just off Two Hummock Island, which I’m sure is the British Hydrographic Office’s cleaned up label for a rude sailor name originally given that land mass by some sailors who’d been at sea for a really, really long time or who knew a woman with really unusually shaped breasts.

Episode 093 available here.

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The Northrop Gamma on the hook, on the Wyatt Earp.



Two interviews with three fellow Drake Passage crossers and a thunder accompanied decompression after recent upheavals.
Anyone who feels hard done by in the third act is welcome to a right of reply, though they’d better bring their A-game reasoning and rhetoric if they want to change my mind about any point I made.  

Episode 092 available here.

Also putting out my shingle via Patreon once more.
This page here outlines what’s on offer in return for financial support but I won’t start processing episode releases through the Patreon system until people who signed up years ago have a chance to check they still want to contribute at the levels they pledged.

Back to history next episode with some more on-site recordings about Lincoln Ellsworth’s further efforts to make a name for himself by paying other people to do all the things.



Belligerently ignorant guests gonna ignore belligerently…
…even if the instructions aren’t complex or onerous.