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The second tranche of interviews from my time at the Australian Antarctic Festival in Hobart. Barry Becker, Denise Alan and Trevor Luff discuss their time with ANARE and I look forward to seeing Dr Brewin in December.
Episode 070 can be found here.



A look at practical, political and ecological developments arising as the whaling fleet, largely comprising Norwegian vessels and crews, set about the business of ridding the Southern Ocean of those pesky cetaceans.

I’m none too fond of the booze culture of my home nation, the other nations I’ve lived, and Antarctic bases, but Nicholas Johnson’s legacy warrants light, so I recorded one of the articles missing from the resurrected Big Dead Place website for inclusion in this episode.Whale_112.jpg
For hat’s sake I blow a rasberry at thee.


Bringing to a close the trilogy of Arctic aviation episodes, this episode ties up loose ends sufficient to fully set the aviation scene for the first flights in Antarctica.
I’ve really enjoyed putting these episodes together.

Recent Tasmania adventures get some sizzle but the content won’t reflect my time in Hobart until later this month.

Here you go

Going Vega again