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Falling Southward Fund part the two

With six days left to run the Falling Southward Fund is ticking along, bringing in money to help me get the saftey training I need to operate safely in high latitudes on a ship full of people and flammable stuff.
Here’s a brief look at why I love getting schooled on how to do things correctly.

I am not clumsy.
I am adventurous over a long enough time span that sometimes my best laid plans went agley.

Falling Southward Fund 02



Hello folks
I’ve been offered work in Antarctica and urgently need to renew some certs and get my teeth fixed and get a seafarer’s medical and buy plane tickets and purchase bulk coffee supplies.
If you’ve paid all your bills and put some money aside for a rainy day and donated to some charities and had your fill of the caviar and lobster, please consider flicking a few bucks my way.
Music, soundscapes and broad horizons lie in the offing, so take care and appreciate your coffee.

My campaign can be found here.

10891894_368394896679117_6789827159345146839_nPicture is unrelated but cool.


Prussian Army lieutenant Wilhelm Filchner led Germany’s second expedition in the early 20th century. While the government stayed largely hands off the expedition committee put their oar in enough to see der Deutschland sail under a syphilitic commander whose antics placed everyone’s lives in danger and gave us a really good example of the sort of problems split leadership can cause in a high latitudes project.
Suspected suicide, suspected fake appendicitis and very definite mania and toastiness characterised Filchner’s time in the south.
Episode 047 of ice coffee can be found here.
Die "Deutschland" an der SchelfeiskanteConcerned that you might be sick of black and white images of three masted ships among ice, I’ve made subtle alterations to this picture of the Deutschland.  See if you can spot them.