Monthly Archives: September 2015

More interviews and such

With the first guest spot ably filled by Sue Haliwell and with the interview sitting well, to my ears, with the historical content, I fished around the recesses of my laptop and the various recording devices I’ve used to capture the soundtrack of my life over the years.  Entire evenings were lost in nostalgic reverie as old friends and one or two people who have since fallen off the twig were brought back to me in a way photographs never quite manage.
I’m excited at the prospect of sharing some of the soundscapes and interviews my cassettes and minidiscs caught along the way.

I’m also lining up more guest spots with the Antarcticans in my life.  I hope the coffee supply holds up.

Episode 013: Morrell, Symmes, Reynolds and Sue

Morrell was a liar, Symmes was a looper and Reynolds was a bona-fide genuine slick talker.  Running to catch up in the claims stakes, US politics gets in the way and Morrell adds confusion.  More on Reynolds later.

Sue Haliwell, Antarcticarctican makes, what I hope will be, the first of many appearances between her northern exposures.

After switching to a new hosting plan to free up money for a second podcast series, this, the longest episode to date, ate up the space allocation for this month.  An episode about Biscoe and the Enderby’s is recorded but won’t reach the feed for some weeks.

An illustration from “Theory of Concentric Spheres: Demonstrating That the Earth is Hollow, Habitable Within, and Widely Open About the Poles,” Compiled by Americus Symmes, from the Writings of his Father, Capt. John Cleves Symmes, 1878.
Seems legit.