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In an epic episode spanning an hour and a half and featuring a singing leopard seal, blowing humpbacks and the tuneless honking of the penguins the residents of Little America and Bolling Advance Base and the various dog and half-track teams reconvene and get out of Dodge aboard the Jacob Ruppert and the Bear.

Episode 091 here for your ears.

Byrd DJs
The experiments at Bolling Advance Base remain a little known and less spoken of chapter in the history of rave culture.


Alone, alone, all all alone, alone on an hypoxic spree.

Byrd gets exactly what he asks for, what he deserves, and then saved, spoiling the symmetry of an otherwise well mapped story of hubris and punishment in the Greek myth mold.

Episode 090 in your feed.
Episode 089 also exists in spite of the lack of a corresponding blog post.

Cue Gilbert O’Sullivan and hope the song reaches back in time and sees Richard Byrd neck himself before he causes any further grief to those his life intersects.