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Two episodes in two days.
Take that, incomprehensible download statistics. Let’s see me make sense of you now.

Byrd returns south to finish… something… something brave and stirring and laudably scientific and humanitarian, no doubt. Prolly work it out in payroll. Or in a post-hoc rationalisation that will remain in publication for half a century.

More importantly, I get to share music I love with you.
Egoism’s song “What are we doing” rounds out this episode and I hope you’re inspired to check out their offerings, available at their Bandcamp page.

Episode 088 available here.

Cows and Condors.
Surge milkers and crap photography from a bygone era.


Iceolation and why it’s not a big deal these days, climate change, a fourteen year old interview with Professor Timothy Naish, and an excuse to use my favourite quote from my favourite robot.

Episode 087 available here.

Communications in and out of Antarctica have improved to the point you can argue with people on the internet from the land of ice and snow in near to real time.  Where once it might have taken years to tell someone to fuck off, you can now give precise instructions on which direction and how far they should fuck by satellite link.