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Beaker Street beckons

After recording oral histories and vox pops at the Australian Antarctic Festival I’m kicking on in Hobart for the week and presenting at the Beaker Street pop up science bar at TMAG.
An episode of “Ice Coffee” live from the tent vestibule on the Friday and “High Latitudes Litter” on the Saturday.

Beaker Street


With aircraft offering opportunities to keep the feet dry and singalling a possible end to the miseries of sledging in all its forms, key players were keen to get flying. Efforts in the north require some attention as the experiences in the Arctic shaped the approach those key players took when they brought flying machines south.
Episode 065 can be found here.

Left: Amundsen trying to look Fonzerelli level cool but failing because of the seal skin parker keeping him warm.
Top right: N25 on the ice awaiting wings.
Bottom right: Both Dorniers on the supply vessel Hobby.  If anyone knows what ship the photograph was taken from I’d be grateful for some insight.