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Hard as nails Russian sea-dog braves the southern ocean in inadequate ships and after a rushed preparation and without biologists and…  You get the picture.  Up against it, Bellingshausen shone when the sun refused to do so, and it’s not his fault most people haven’t heard of him.

Bellingshausen.  That is all.


The chronology gets thrown out early in the piece, as the case of the empty H4n case unravels and some temporal anomalies are narrowly prevented from becoming time travel paradoxes.  Karl, I need the Delorean back last week.

The Bellingshausen episode is in the editing suite as I type, and should be available last Sunday.


Imagining, seeking, and then shrinking Terra Australis Incognita to manageable proportions.  Philosophers, geographers, clergy and sailors vie for the final word on what and where Antarctica is, and who lives there.

Only one more preliminary episode to go and we’ll get into some history.