Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Moth

In 2016 I attended The Moth during the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  I’d recently joined Storytelling Australia Victoria with a view to honing my craft and lined up tickets with a fellow SAV member.  He couldn’t make it but I attended on my own, a long history of traipsing around Melbourne to watch live music none of my friends cared for inuring me to social awkwardness arising from being alone in large social settings.
I didn’t realise the stories told at The Moth events needed to be personal and so had spent the drive in thinking through and improving a science fiction story I told at a library event a few months earlier.  As the host, Cal Wilson, got the evening rolling the penny dropped.  Already with my name in the hat, I quickly mapped an experience from my time in the trauma cleaning industry into something approaching a recognisable story, checked it for spelling and expunging any personal information, and nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard my name announced as one of the ten selected to tell their story that night.
In light of the quality of the other nine tales told I felt extremely chuffed to get the votes to win through to The Moth Grandslam on a date TBA.  TBA turned out to be the 18th of June, 2018 and the topic for the night is “When Worlds Collide.”
I am mapping an Antarctic experience to fit the topic and the time limit.
Please join me there if you’re in Melbourne, free on the evening and have the requisite bucks to hand.