Roald Amundsen returns to the narrative and takes pole position, showing the world what you can achieve if you don’t give a stuff about science or people.

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Anyhoo, this one explains some clothing terms and concepts which warranted more attention than I was giving them.

You don’t have to keep dressing like a tool when you come home from the ice, but some of us never missed a beat dressing like a tool when heading there.  Antarctica was like finding my place on the fashion map.


Struggling to fit the content to the bandwidth, several of my best jokes about hemorrhoids ended up on the cutting room floor, but it was worth it to get episode 041 squared away before March came to an end and the host service robbed me of my remaining bytes.
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“Party” sometimes seems a poor word to describe these things.
Scott’s 3IC, Lt. Victor Campbell, fares poorly on every front except the important one.  Little came of the BAE’s Eastern Party’s efforts in terms of geology, geography and biology, but everyone survived the challenging circumstances that British decorum and crook weather placed them in.
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Even members of the Eastern Party came to refer to themselves as the Northern Party after the event.