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Launch podcast

All stations, all stations. This is Whisky Lima Bravo, are you receiving? Over.

Audience wanted: small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.

After a lifetime of obsessing, two years studying podcast form, and three months of recording, editing, seeking feedback, re-recording, and editing again, I am ready to go.  Stand back, everyone, I’m about to podcast.

“Ice Coffee: the history of human activity in Antarctica,” is underway, and showing the day shapes for a vessel restricted in ability to maneuvre and code flag alpha.

Embiggen Books (http://www.embiggenbooks.com/) have graciously agreed to host a launch event for my long mooted, oak aged, single Matt podcast.  For those able and willing to attend, an evening of story telling, coffee preparation, and the first full performance of the Ice Coffee theme music “Birdie” lies in the offing. 
Mark your calendar, rug up in your best Burberry and finnesko, and navigate to 37′ 48.6″ S, 144′ 58.0″ E.  Or turn up.  Whichever is easier.  Space is limited, though, so some form of signal of intention would be appreciated.
Embiggen Books

Saturday 9th November

5 – 7 pm
197-203 Little Lonsdale St
Three options available to you from this point onward:
1 – Listen to it and tell me it’s great
2 – Listen to it and tell me it’s rubbish
3 – Ignore it

One option no longer available to you from this point onward:
1 – Never again can you say to me, “Y’know, Matt, there’re no podcasts about the history of human activity in Antarctica,” as so many of you do, so regularly. 

Regards, Matt

This is Whiskey Lima Bravo standing by.


Imagining, seeking, and then shrinking Terra Australis Incognita to manageable proportions.  Philosophers, geographers, clergy and sailors vie for the final word on what and where Antarctica is, and who lives there.

Only one more preliminary episode to go and we’ll get into some history.