What the hell, Brindler?

What the hell, Brindler?
I’m on the move and as I pass through time zones and latitudes I see different things show up in the various pages on which I post my content.
Among the newness I saw a review of “Ice Coffee” from Brindler, who gave the series three out of five stars because I’m clearly reading from a script rather than extemporising.
Not because the audio quality is low.
Not because I’m pretending I’m brewing up in a dive hut on the shores of Ross Island.
Not because I’m an opinionated asshole.
No, Brindler doesn’t like being narrated at.
Here’s something off the cuff, just for Brindler.
I give your review one out of five stars, and that’s only because the rating services don’t offer “I rub your review on my taint” as an option.
I don’t push for reviews for “Ice Coffee” because it’s exactly what I want it to be and I don’t care who likes it but if someone’s going to piss on my efforts I want them to respect me enough to do it properly.
One star out of five.
Five stars out of five.
Anything else an you’re probably making some passive aggressive stab at me because you’re trying to hide your hurt feelings over something I said behind a facade of constructive criticism.
I hate passive aggression.
I demand active aggression.
Have the guts to hate my guts or keep your counsel.

1 thought on “What the hell, Brindler?

  1. John Gastineau

    Yes, what the hell, Brindler!
    Keep reading those excellent scripts, Matt. You make me laugh out loud with your interjections, but mostly you keep teaching me new events, and most importantly new perspectives, that I did not get from reading other sources. You have also nearly ruined my budget by constantly sending me to the used book store to follow up on some of your topics.

    Keep it up, please!


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