Get the app (away on time)

Mel at the museum described me as the Kevin Bacon of the Antarctic last night in response to my missive expressing my gratitude for her putting me in touch with photographer Zo Damage. Zo is joining me in the dive hut this afternoon to look over the book shelves and to discuss her application to join the Aurora Australis as an artist during that ship’s final voyages in support of Australia’s presence in the south.
I’ve mentioned Mel several times in the series and look forward to interviewing her about her experiences sampling the benthos around Antarctica when circumstances permit but in the interim I shout out to her for the connection she made on my behalf and for the exciting opportunity she made me aware of, more of which anon or not if the cards don’t fall out in my favour.

Here’s a link to Zo’s website where you’ll see something of the perspective she brings to the topics she focuses on and the events she documents.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to dance out my anger at John Lithgow.

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