Will Science for Food

A brief preview of what I’m planning on recording as the reward for people who support the Falling Southward Fund.

Video here.

Campaign here.

2 thoughts on “Will Science for Food

  1. deadeyes3000

    I just discovered your show, and I’m listening from ep 1 to where you are right now. I really like your style and the ‘simple’ way of telling things. I have a podcast myself about Belgian history, and since I’m interested in marine stories and antarctica it’s fun to hear someone with a dedicated podcast about it. I also have an episode about a the ‘Belgica’ expedition to Antarctica, if you like, check it out at https://randomhistoryofbelgium.libsyn.com/ep18-the-belgica-expedition
    Listening to the whole series now, thanks for a wonderful podcast. Would love to have a chat about podcasting anytime.

    1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I’m listening to your Belgica episode now and feel a need to apologise for my pronunciation of the names of many of your countrymen.

      I love the description of seal meat you quoted in your episode.

      I was at Scott Base in 2004 when a Belgian contingent of engineers and diplomats visited to look over the Kiwi presence in the south. I think they applied and improved on what they learnt during their visit in establishing the zero emissions Princess Elizabeth Research Station.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. I will go back to the start of the RHoB and soak up your output.


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