Anthony Powell is the business

Anthony Powell has many, many Antarctic deployments under his belt and much, much videography expertise.  These two factors combined to produce the footage released in 2013 as “Antarctica: a year on ice.”  It stands as the single best movie about Antarctica I’ve ever seen.
I follow Anthony on teh facebooks and have enjoyed keeping up with his activities through the 2016 winter at Scott Base.  Recently he posted the appended footage recorded below the sea ice adjacent to Pram Point, the site of the New Zealand base.
The Weddell seal steals the visual show but there’s a lot going on otherwise.  The Bernacch in the foreground is my favourite but you can see some Odontaster seastars scattered around the site and what I suspect is a Glyptonotus isopod climbing a rock in the middle distance to the left of screen.
The recording features the amazing warbling noises Weddell seals make while underwater.  These sounds are made with the mouth closed, travel great distances and drive the owners of Moog synthesizers insane as they try and fail to make their oscillators recplicate that weirdness.
Anthony Powell knows what he’s doing and shares it with the world.  I use and recommend his output.


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