031_Shackleton_Nimrod_BAE and Philip Samartzis

Episode 031 sees Ernest Shackleton head south in a dodgy ship, short on funds and with a flea in his ear from Scott, but manages to get a lot done and get everyone home safely.
Lots of firsts but the south pole remains unclaimed and, with two teams alleging they made it to the north pole, becomes even more alluring.

Douglas Mawson, Aenaes Mackintosh and John King Davis make their Antarctic entrances while Frank Wild and Ernest Joyce make their second forays south.

C Users Pete Pictures AntarcticPSD Disc_7 hut at royds

The hut at Cape Royds.


Professor Philip Samartzis of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology becomes the first artist interviewed for the series and discusses why and how he headed south for the sake of his art.
You can hear some of his work here and here.  I’ll post updates here as I hear word of the publications and performances mentioned in the interview.

Blizzard 1

Professor Samartzis with one of his recording arrays.


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