Geography the clear front runner.

I normally knock out just under an hour of content a month.  It’s cheap in terms of hosting and it keeps me from feeling pressured to use up all the storage available at the next tier in the hosting plan.
With episode 028 blowing out beyond the one hour mark no matter how tightly I edited it, I treated myself to a month at that next tier and kicked out some extra material I had up my sleeve just because I could, but the unexpected and interesting outcome of this month of langurously soaking up the luxury on offer at this level of hosting plan is that I get greater granularity in statistics about downloads.  Where I thought I had about two hundred listeners all downloading the most recent one or two episodes a month, it seems I have nearer one hundred regulars and the rest of the count arises from a small number of new listeners downloading the whole series and large number of people downloading select episodes.
I can understand episode 001 getting more attention than others, as people give it a try and find the series not to their tastes, but I don’t understand the popularity of some of the others.  Why is episode 016 getting twice the average downloads?  I think it’s a good episode but I don’t see why it stands out month after moth.  Why is episode 005 the second most downloaded per month, over the past six months, other than the most recent content?  Why is episode 002 the most downloaded overall, with twice the attention given to episode 001 and sustained high monthly downloads that outstrip episode 005?
This tier has opened my eyes to unexpected patterns with strong signals but I’m damned if I can explain them.

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