029 Charcot, the Francais and Professor Craig Franklin

Episode 029

Jean Baptiste Charcot heads south, in yet another ship named after a place, looking for adventure, science and Swedes.
Good food, good wine and inadequate heating and propulsion characterised life aboard the Francais but the French got a lot done, showed their mettle in a miserable display of hard as nailsness, and came home with all hands.  Trotters, on the other hand,…

Professor Craig Franklin first came on my radar in an interview with Richard Fidler.  His range of research interests includes, but is far from limited to, the physiology of ice fish.  He spoke to me about his work below the circle and I look forward to getting my hands on the “Antarctic Cruising Guide” he wrote with Peter Carey.  The author combination of a scientist and a national laureate could mean this book is the Australasian “The Log of the Sea of Cortez.”  The appended link leads to a review of the 2006 first edition but the book is now in its third iteration.  Guess the publisher.


Jean Baptiste Charcot and cartographer Raymond Rallier du Baty, demonstrating you can take civilisation south with you.

The Kickstarter page for Dave Fletcher’s “Myth Adventures” can be found here.

Make your competition entry in the reply section and you could win a (second hand, much scribbled in) copy of this wee treasure:

6 thoughts on “029 Charcot, the Francais and Professor Craig Franklin

  1. Grey Skythe

    Um… It wasn’t a pun, but was it the comment, “There’s no cure for death, but there’s an excellent cure for bacon.” At 14:55?

    Love the show!

  2. Nate Underkuffler

    Hi Matt
    Just want to thank you for the terrific podcast.
    I live in the middle of the San Fernando valley and on the 100 degree days wander around the palm trees and suburbia with your historical tales of expedition funding and frostbite in the far south helping to regulate my own internal temperature. My previous knowledge of the continent was limited to Shackleton and March of the Penguins so its rather exciting to be entering the heroic age with you. Glad I stumbled upon your work one day randomly searching iTunes!

    1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

      Hello Nate
      Thanks for listening and for getting in touch.
      I am regularly amazed by the range of places people are listening and the links, or in your case the lack of links, that led them to the series. Turning up randomly in someone’s life is an aspect of podcasting I never imagined when I first thought about giving this a go. That’s cool.


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