The Hangardeck Podcast

Pitchlock Pete, Fast Eddie and Jackscrew Jesse hosted me on episode #39 of “The Hangardeck podcast” where I spoke about aviation in Antarctica.
I was introduced to the series by Anhedral Andy, a Hangardeck regular and a fellow contributor at the ARC scale model forum.  I enjoyed working through their back catalogue as the diversity of experience in the team allows them to make the most of the knowledge and stories of the broad range of guests they bring to the mic.  I got in touch little realising how quickly they would react to my offer to speak on my pet topic.  From first contact to published episode took about a week and a half.

They’ve done their homework on effective podcasting formats, hardware and sound processing, making for a high quality series in terms of content, pace and sound.  They know their topic back to front and share their knowledge freely while taking care to not leave the uninitiated behind in a morass of jargon.

Accessible, fascinating and engaging, I recommend “The Hangardeck Podcast” to anyone with any interest in aviation and airframes as they’re knocking aero-podcasting out of the park.

C Users Pete Pictures AntarcticPSD Disc_7 matt and twin otter

Twotter on skis: twit on boots.



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