Robert Falcon Scott makes his first but far from his last appearance in the series and a two year voyage to McMurdo Sound.
Much sledging.  Very scurvy.
Sir Clements Markham continues to kick downhill to have his way but the back of his bullying breaks when someone take his prophecies of doom at face value.
Wilson, Shackleton, Crean, Frank Wild, Taffy Evans, Lashly and Joyce make their Ice Coffee debuts while Louis Bernacchi is back for an encore.

I struggled to keep this episode to a reasonable time, as I knew I would.  So much has been written about Scott and his story looms so large in my early understanding of the continent that I really had to work to keep this as concise as I did, which isn’t very.
I see a shadow on the horizon in the form of Scott’s second voyage south.  I don’t think I can keep that to one episode no matter how many reefs I put in my script.

Among others we’ve got Charcot’s efforts and the return of Shackleton to navigate before we get to the Terra Nova expedition, though, so set stunsails and topgallants and we’ll make what way we can before 1912 and the five concurrent expeditions of that year catch us up.

The addendum appended to the episode refers to this crew

discovery hut
The hut at Hut Point on the Hut Point Peninsula, now with added McMurdo Station.


3 thoughts on “028_Scott_Discovery

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    First erratum: I mention that the Morning collected a message cache from Cape Royds but should have said Cape Crozier. This was a slip of the brain rather than a fact checking error, but it’s still wrong.

    1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

      Very sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, Jim.
      David Crane’s “Scott of the Antarctic” gives a good overview with a hundred years of perspective on the expedition but if you want a first hand account I’d look for Wilson’s diaries, which are published in an abbreviated form as “South Pole Odyssey.” Scott’s two volumes on the trip are good reading, too.
      Again, sorry to miss your question.
      I will try to be more responsive in the future.


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