The sounds

I was just introduced to Professor Philip Samartzis’ aural Antarctic odyssey, “Antarctica, an absent presence.
I like it very much.
Books and documentaries train us to think of Antarctica in pictures and while it is a dramatically different visual landscape to what most people experience from day to day, it is also a unique space in terms of sound.  On top of its natural soundscape, human activity in Antarctica brings layers of its own diesel powered, hydraulically actuated noises dedicated to survival and research.
“Antarctica, an absent presence,” is a really good book about Antarctica in your headphones.

2 thoughts on “The sounds

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    I am due to interview Professor Samartzis on Friday the 26th of August.
    I’ve interviewed researchers, support staff, adventurers and tourists. This will be the first time I’ve spoken to someone who headed south for the sake of their art.
    Many things about Antarctica are cool.
    This is one of them.


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