024_Borchgrevink – The Finbarr Saunders episode

Carsten Egeberg Borchgrevink makes a return visit below the circle to advance his reputation as a git and to get on everyone’s nerves.  A team of ten erect their seminal, priapic huts and become the first to winter on the continent.  One stays behind in corpse form.

Have a link to Chart NZ 14906.

Mr C.E. Borchgrevink: it was considered mutiny to ridicule this wanker.

I mean, have you ever seen anyone emboss an image of themselves on the spine of the book on which their name already appears?  Frickin’ narcissist gets on my nerves eighty years after his death.  This is part of the Museum Victoria library, which Sue Halliwell has been scanning and photographing as part of a digital availability project.



I’ve never seen a chart oriented like that before.  Limited sledging is limited.


Well, I have seen a chart oriented like this, just uphill from here.  Still weird.
Thanks to Sue Halliwell for the images, taken from Borchgrevink’s “First on the Antarctic Continent.”



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