British pride is a’stirring and Germany hankers for some long, hard sciencing but it’s the Belgians out in front, showing everyone how it’s done if getting trapped in the pack and going mad is the goal.
Some notes about navigation notes presage some future episodes about spurious claims on fruitless firsts but the real appeal of episode 023 is the interview with Peter Cleary, who discusses leopard seals and dog teams.

The interview is another outing from the non-event that was Radio Tuna. Recorded in 2004, not 2005 as noted in the episode. I can tell, because it features Dr Paul Brewin in the Scott Base ambience.
Again the Minidisc recorder adds its clicks and whirs but je ne regrette rien, only with better French pronunciation than I can bring to the table.


1 thought on “023_The_IGC_and_the_Belgica_and_Peter_Cleary_on_leopard_seals_and_dog_teams

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    Erratum: In introducing the interview with Peter Cleary that he oversaw diving operations at Cape Adare where I should have said Cape Armitage. The difference in spelling is significant but small cheese compared to the six degrees of latitude lying between the two spots.
    I got them mixed up because of the letter “A” and dumbass.


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