It’s just a word sometimes employed by people pretending to be pirates to most modern ears but until recently scurvy stood as a perplexing and deadly problem for mariners and polar explorers.  In this episode I discuss how sailors and scientists solved the scurvy riddle, screw up an attempt to say “very low levels,” and make myself sad.

The manual sneer – a classic symptom.


All that’s left of the Big Dead Place website.

I usually listen to episodes before releasing them and make any necessary edits to the file before hitting send.  This time I didn’t and a sizeable error, as opposed to the usual multitude of pronunciation gaffs and inept word and phrasing choices, got incorporated into the finished product.  I recount that Scott’s first shot at the pole fell short by eighty nautical miles.  I was conflating Scott’s first hauling trip and Shackleton’s later attempt.  I was out by a factor of five in Scott’s case, as he didn’t get closer than four hundred nautical miles before scurvy saw the team turn back.  Even in conflating this with Shackleton’s effort, I got it wrong.  Shackleton turned back when ninety-seven nautical miles from the prize.
These events will get their own episodes but I feel like a dumbass for not checking these readily verified facts in the rush to make use of the remaining data storage at the end of the month.

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