In the offing

The offing is the area near a port where ships lie at anchor, awaiting their opportunity to berth and transfer cargo.  In the case of Ice Coffee, the offing is the space on my hard drive where interviews and episodes lie idle until the monthly archive process frees up space to publish new material.
The offing is currently chock-a-block.  The Erebus and Terror are bunkering coal for their episode rounding out the three way race south, marking the start of another long period of international Antarctic indifference.  Interviews with dog driver Peter Cleary and ice diving legend in his own lifetime Rob Robbins await gaps fit to fit their tales.
I’ve lined up an interview with Antarctica’s first and only lexicographer for the end of this month.

Several episodes ago I launched a Patreon account with the offer of present day updates as the key reward for subscribers.  Shortly after setting up the account, Patreon got hacked, giving me pause regarding the service.  The other thing that saw me lose interest in that attempt to monetize Ice Coffee was that the material I’ve been gathering to act as present day updates was so interesting I wanted to share it with everyone.  These present day insights will be released on the back of any episode deemed not long enough on its own or as short episodes where the monthly allocation hasn’t been used up to the last byte.
Perhaps this would have panned out differently if hundreds of dollars per episode lay in its own offing, but I’ve dismissed opportunities to syndicate the series because of the time, timing and content strictures this would involve and think that even if the number of subscribers suddenly explodes, I’ll stick to the route I’ve charted here.  Reefed sails seems to be the mien of my efforts in podcasting and I’m comfortable I can sustain the current output indefinitely in balance with other commitments.

Much gratitude to those who Patreoned.  The content will come your way, regardless.

c17 erebus

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