Scurvy – coming soon

Tonight I record the Durmont d’Urville episode.  When it gets released depends on how long it turns out.  If it exceeds the available bandwidth allocation, it’ll have to wait until February resets the counter, but if that’s the case, I’ll knock out a short episode about scurvy, which gets a lot of mentions but hasn’t really been explained yet.

Fairfax Media have agreed to give me two months free use of an image Phil Reid took of me at Cape Armitage in 2004.  Apropos of nothing better to add, I give you the best and least recognisable image ever captured of me.


201104.NEWS. Antarctica, Scott Base.Diver Matt McArthur surfaces through a hole in the ice from a dive in McMurdo Sound. Research divers have collected evidence of the impact of ozone depletion in marine life.Pic Phil Reid ©The Dominion Post.

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