016 Reynolds, Ross, Wilkes, d’Urville and Balleny

Reynolds returns to the narrative but his efforts at getting the US a toehold in the cold see him get an even colder shoulder than his last outing.
Ross earns his ice chops in the north.
Dumont d’Urville, after wowing the crowds with an armless display of Greek marbility, languishes in Cholera riddled Toulon, until his big chance beckons.
Balleny fulfills Enderby funded duties and adds information to the growing polynya of knowledge.
I came here to podcast and to drink coffee, and I’m all out of coffee.  The shakes are setting in.

Aaron downloaded the episode, listened to the episode and answered the musical quiz question therein before I remembered to post a note to the blog.  The quoted lyrics came from the song “Meanwhile”on Alexai Sayle’s sketch show “Stuff” in the late 1980s.
Well played, Aaron.

Get a proper harpoon and hold your harpoon like you mean it, doofus.


2 thoughts on “016 Reynolds, Ross, Wilkes, d’Urville and Balleny

  1. Roope Sinisalo

    I discovered this podcast a few days ago and started listening in chronological order. Great content so far, I’m enjoying it a lot. The sound scapes in the background create a nice ambiance as well.

    Keep it up!

  2. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    Glad you’re enjoying it, Roope Sinisalo.
    I’m hoping to get out of the dive hut for a bit and incorporate some diverse sound scapes in coming months. Still some hoops to jump through before I pull that off but I’m optimistic I can get some recordings on a ship, in a penguin rookery and amid the ethereal stillness of the vast sleeping giant that is the Antarctic continent.
    Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I’d offer an excuse but nothing convincing, so we’ll just take it as read that I’m crap at this aspect of marketing my work and carry forward from there.


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