Kemp, Kimberley and getting toasty

Peter Kemp isn’t well recorded, so there’s little to tell about him other than he sailed on the Magnet and saw a coast that’s now named after him.

Jason Kimberley traveled to Antarctica in 2005 and did the hauling thing and the crossed the crevasse fields that make up much of my nightmare material.  On his return, in addition to writing one of the most accessible recent books about life on the ice, Jason established “Cool Australia,” an online science education resource for school children.

Finally, I give a brief account of getting toasty, which is, in addition to snaws, a thing.

Episode 015

3 thoughts on “Kemp, Kimberley and getting toasty

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    Damn, Aaron, I think I just fell in love. You win. Please get in touch on teh facebooks (search for worldslaziestbusker) and PM your details to claim your prize, which I will invent in the interim.
    Wasn’t expecting to give out a prize for such an obscure reference but I’m stoked that you nailed it so quick you beat me to the blog update.
    Well played.

    1. aaron

      Haha amazing! I don’t have a Facebook or a twitter! Thanks for the shout out on the podcast! Love the show. 2 episodes in a week makes me very happy! Hope u had a great xmas and new year!


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