Episode 013: Morrell, Symmes, Reynolds and Sue

Morrell was a liar, Symmes was a looper and Reynolds was a bona-fide genuine slick talker.  Running to catch up in the claims stakes, US politics gets in the way and Morrell adds confusion.  More on Reynolds later.

Sue Haliwell, Antarcticarctican makes, what I hope will be, the first of many appearances between her northern exposures.

After switching to a new hosting plan to free up money for a second podcast series, this, the longest episode to date, ate up the space allocation for this month.  An episode about Biscoe and the Enderby’s is recorded but won’t reach the feed for some weeks.


An illustration from “Theory of Concentric Spheres: Demonstrating That the Earth is Hollow, Habitable Within, and Widely Open About the Poles,” Compiled by Americus Symmes, from the Writings of his Father, Capt. John Cleves Symmes, 1878.
Seems legit.

2 thoughts on “Episode 013: Morrell, Symmes, Reynolds and Sue

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    Hello Aaron
    I just realised I never gave you the mooted end of episode props for your last supportive comment.
    Thanks for this. My listenership is small, so feedback like this represents a high hit rate and means a lot to me.
    The bandwidth limitations mean the Biscoe episode is still a couple of weeks from release but the patreon support should see bandwidth limitations remain a short term problem, once I work out how to get the bonus material to patrons.
    Anyone listening from the get-go will remember the problems I encountered trying to get the series hosted and then making the RSS do what it should. While I rate myself in diving and snow craft, the internet causes me more trouble than a series of cat filled tubes should, but I’ll get there in the end because stubborn.
    Thanks again.


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