The hiatus ends, the RSS works and the coffee is good

Six months dealing with other stuff put a big dent in plans to keep the output regular. I finally got a hosting service with a serviceable RSS to get the episodes available through iTunes and just posted two new episodes thereon.

009_Smith takes a look at the discoveries of the dutiful and dull English sealer.

010_Palmer gives similar attention to the first American to make their mark on the maps.

The episodes are now hosted at

I can’t promise regular uploads, as there is still a lot going on, but I am pleased to have reached double digits.

3 thoughts on “The hiatus ends, the RSS works and the coffee is good

  1. worldslaziestbusker Post author

    Hi aaron
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I originally planned on making the podcast weekly, but some life issues arose immediately after the launch that threw me into survival mode for half a year and threw that plan in the bin. Getting back into it when a new equilibrium was achieved, I sought and gained a form of syndication but found the pressure this put on me to get product out subtracted from the enjoyment I get from researching and producing each episode.
    There is more in the pipeline and I am excited about getting the James Weddell episode finished and online, but there’s a research paper and an online dialogue needing attention once I finish my current field assignment and regain access to band width greater than can be achieved with the current jam tins and string.
    Thanks again for the boost and I’ll mention in the gratitude section of the next episode.

  2. aaron

    Please keep doing what your doing. The excitement I found when I saw a new episode of the podcast had been released was huge. Just wanted to go get a big cuppa Joe, sit back and listen. Hope all is well on your end of the planet. Keep up the great work.


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